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Specializing in the field of residential, commercial and industrial roofing, Couvreur Westars has, over the past 25 years, acquired the expertise and skills that has enabled it to stand out from the competition.

Our company currently has several roofing specialists, serving the greater Montreal metropolitan region and the Vaudreuil-Soulanges area.

Our expertise is demonstrated by our professionalism in projects that involve sloped roofs with shingle siding and flat roofs comprised of an elastomeric membrane, TPO and EPDM, as well as tar and gravel roofs. We also install and repair skylights, acrylic domes and pyramidal skylights.

All roofing work that is performed for our clients receives a 10 year guarantee on our installation. We also have liability insurance.

Our extensive experience in roofing work has greatly contributed to our reputation in this highly competitive market. When using the services of Couvreur Westars, you receive the assurance that your roof will receive the proper treatment that it deserves.

Add a healthy roof to your property and save yourself a multitude of problems!

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    Pitched roofs with shingle siding, roofs dishes coated elastomer EPDM and TPO membrane, outer coverings